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flamingo colored cements
3251 Bath Pike
Nazareth, PA 18064
P: 800-437-7762


The flamingo brand is recognized as a leading product for color masonry applications. For more than 80 years, architects and designers have relied on flamingo Colored Cements for total color control over their masonry projects, and to set their work apart.


  • Uniformity - flamingo masonry cements are laboratory controlled during the production process to ensure  consistent color throughout the masonry project and acrross cement types (masonry, mortar and Portland & Lime cements).
  • Color Fastness - flamingo colors are made with the highest quality pigments available to ensure that the color locks into the mortar matrix and resists fading over time due to ultraviolet rays and severe weathering.
  • Performance - flamingo color cements are designed for superior workability and makes the mason's job of building water resistant walls easier. Every flamingo color cement meets the latest ASTM specifications for strength and performance for each type of mortar.
  • Variety - flamingo cements for masonry are available in a wide spectrum of colors. If you can dream a color, there is a flamingo color to make your dream come true.
  • Cost Effectiveness - flamingo color cements are available at a nominal increase in cost over gray cement. Typically, the use of flamingo color will add minimal cost to a project.



  • Masonry Cement - Masonry cements are an excellent choice for home builders and architects looking for mortar colors for new construction or to match existing structures. All flamingo masonry cements conform to ASTM C-91 for masonry cement. Masonry Cement has superior workability and better color consistency on the wall.
  • Portland & Lime Blend - For architects and contractors who prefer the properties of straight Portland cement and lime, flamingo Portland Cement & Lime Blend offers the convenience of Type I portland cement meeting ASTM C-150,  Type S hydrated lime conforming to ASTM C-207 and pigments meeting ASTM C-979 blended together in one bag.
  • Mortar Cement - Our mortar cements are an excellent choice for flexural bond strength durability since they meet and exceed ASTM C-1329. This means that load bearing masonry walls will be more effective in flexural strength where seismic activity is figured into the building design. Mortar cements are available in color, Please talk to a representative for further information.

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