Lehigh Cement Company in Delta, British Columbia, today announced the introduction of EcoCem™PLC, an environmentally responsible Portland Limestone Cement (PLC) with excellent performance qualities. The production process for EcoCemPLC begins with the same raw materials found in ordinary general use cement (Type GU as it’s called in the industry). However, a unique manufacturing process creates a product that retains excellent performance characteristics but with a reduced environmental impact when compared to normal Type GU cement.

“The introduction of an innovative product like EcoCemPLC is a great example of Lehigh Hanson’s commitment to deliver sustainable and high quality building materials to the construction industry,” said Jim Derkatch, President of Lehigh Hanson’s Canada Region, which is known as Lehigh Hanson Materials Limited and includes the Lehigh Cement plant in Delta, British Columbia.

“Products such as EcoCemPLC and InterCem, a blended cement introduced in the Prairies in 2005, clearly reflect our emphasis on minimizing our environmental footprint without sacrificing the quality and performance standards our customers have come to expect from Lehigh Cement,” said Derkatch.

EcoCemPLC delivers virtually the same performance as a Type GU cement with 10% fewer emissions. Testing has shown that this new cement delivers higher early strength, improved workability, less bleeding and lower heat of hydration. EcoCemPLC also conforms to the CSA specifications as a Type GUL cement and is now recognized in the British Columbia Building Code (BCBC), so it can be used in any construction project.

EcoCemPLC is available for purchase in bulk quantities.

Additional information and pricing is available by calling 1-800-665-6006.