Climate Protection

​Energy supply security and climate change are among the most important challenges we face today.  Because we operate in an energy-intensive industry, we contribute to efforts to halt climate change and expressly support the WBCSD & CSI goal of reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 20% by 2020.  Energy efficiency holds the key to the future viability of our company.  Through our local and global R&D, we are striving for lowering our clinker content for our products in both cement and concrete mixes.

​These day to day actions enable us to minimize the embodied CO2 in the products we deliver to our customers.  We deliver products that can help combat and prevent detrimental consequence of climate change by protecting people, property and the environment.  Concrete has the inherent ability of tremendous strength & durability, resilience (wind, fire, floods/mold), thermal mass (energy saving wall systems) and long life; therefore conserving energy and landfill space.