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TX Active
300 E. John Carpenter Frwy
Irving, Texas 75062
P: 800-437-7762

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TX Active
TX Active is a proprietary, patented photocatalytic cement that has self-cleaning and de-polluting properties when used in concrete. The use of TX Active will lead to cleaner buildings and cleaner air.

Photocatalysis is the use of light to alter the speed of a chemical reaction. Photocatalytic cement uses light to accelerate the formation of strong oxidizing reagents that decompose and prevent organic and inorganic pollutants that form on the surface of concrete

In early 2001, the Photocatalytic Innovative Covering Applications for De-pollution Assessment (PICADA) project was formed in Europe. This 4 ½ year-long research study consisted of a consortium of independent research laboratories, universities, contractors and manufacturers to assess and validate the de-pollution effect of photocatalytic cements. Through laboratory tests, pollution abatement models, and on-site assessments, PICADA showed that concrete produced with TX Active is efficient in destroying atmospheric pollutants.

Any product containing a cementitious material could be manufactured with TX Active. The most cost effective use of TX Active is in dual-stage concrete production, such as precast panels or concrete pavers. Other uses include:
    • Precast and architectural precast panels
    • Cast-in-place – pavements, road surfacing, sidewalks, and other types of concrete
    • Manufactured concrete products – interlocking concrete pavers, concrete masonry units, roof tiles,
       architectural products, and cement based tiles

When using the appropriate industry guidelines, the quality of concrete in both the plastic and hardened state should not be jeopardized with the use of TX Active cement. In general, concrete containing TX Active cement should be used in accordance with standards that apply to ordinary portland cement concrete and accepted industry practices. Mixture designs, chemical and mineral admixtures, and finishing techniques MUST be verified for compatibility with TX Active by Lehigh Cement’s Technical Staff. Please contact us for more information, or to become a prequalified producer. ​

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