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HeidelbergCement is now Heidelberg Materials

Our new global brand, Heidelberg Materials, marks a historic milestone as well as a transformational point in our journey to be the global leader in the heavy building materials industry. It also represents our ability to deliver more sustainable products and digital solutions to our customers.


Questions you may have today:

Ask us anything at goinggreen@lehighhanson.com

1. How will I be impacted?

There are no immediate impacts to employees or changes to roles and responsibilities. While many of us are deeply connected to our historical brand, our goals and priorities have not changed. We remain focused on the health and safety of our employees and providing our customers with the quality products and exceptional service they expect.

2. When will this change take place?

In North America, we will transition to the new brand beginning in early 2023. The process starts with our corporate office, followed by our cement and aggregates operations. Our ready mixed concrete and other business will follow in a later phase.

3. Is the company preparing to be sold or restructured?

No. We are rebranding to better represent our products and services to our customers, our employees and other key stakeholders.

4. When someone asks who do I work for, what do I say?

Our current branding remains the same until January 1, 2023. We will provide a schedule in the coming months which will confirm when your brand transitions to Heidelberg Materials.

5. What do I tell customers and others I work with about our new name?

We invite you to share the story of our transformation to Heidelberg Materials and journey to reach our sustainability and digitalization goals. This is summed up in the following text:

"Unveiling our new global brand, Heidelberg Materials, marks a historic milestone for us as a global company. We’ve operated with tremendous success for 150 years, and now, we are working to transform the heavy building materials industry. We are meeting them by developing new solutions for our customers that go far beyond cement. We are well on our way to being a carbon-neutral company and offer digital applications to unlock new customer benefits. We have evolved and continue to evolve our portfolio, our products and our services. Our rebranding gives this transformation a face and an anchor: Heidelberg Materials."

6. What is it going to look like for my region/market? Are all of our brands going away?

The goal of our rebranding is to unify all business units under one brand: Heidelberg Materials. The specific timing is still being finalized, but the criteria being considered include fleet size, operational impacts, seasonal timing, budgeting and signage needs. We anticipate this process will span 2023, 2024 and into 2025.

7. Do I have to get rid of all my Lehigh Hanson (or other brand) shirts, cups, etc. and when does that need to happen?

Beginning September 20, we will no longer order items with the Lehigh Hanson brand. We will provide an online store offering merchandise and signage with the new logo and color scheme. Once North America officially launches the rebrand to Heidelberg Materials (first quarter of 2023), Lehigh Hanson branded items (shirts, cups, hats) will no longer be used in workplace settings. Local brands will be phased out as they transition.

8. Will our email addresses change?

Yes – all email addresses will ultimately change to firstname.lastname@heidelbergmaterials.com. The previous email address firstname.lastname@lehighhanson.com will automatically be directed to the new email address when it is up and running.