Concrete Just Got Greener

InterCem® interground cement contains 30% Class F fly ash for use in general concrete construction. InterCem® eliminates on-site blending and additional fly ash silos. The added fly ash improves concrete durability and workability. InterCem® meets CSA specifications for Blended Hydraulic Cements and provides superior resistance to sulphate attack compared to HS cement, superior alkali reactivity (AAR) resistance, lower permeability and lower heat of hydration than GU or HS cements.  

Easily the most widely used supplementary material, fly ash is a byproduct of c oal combustion in electric power plants. The fly ash is filtered out of exhaust gases as a fine powder. Our Lehigh Cement Company brand for a fly ash inter-ground and blended cement is Intercem®, which we produce at our Edmonton, Canada cement plant today.

InterCem® is a blended cement that offers several consumer and production based benefits. From a final use phase perspective, InterCem® can help reduce required inventories for fly ash at ready mix locations as well as provide a high quality and consistent product that offers early strengths and workability.

Manufacturing InterCem® allows Lehigh Cement to offset clinker in the final cement product. Offsetting up to 30+% clinker in InterCem® cement results in direct reductions in the fuel and the resulting emissions that would’ve been used to manufacture the offset clinker. Intergrinding this material in our cement grinding mills provides the end users with the confidence and security knowing that the final product they receive undergoes strict QA/QC procedures; ensuring InterCem® meets and exceeds the market specifications. Using this waste material to create InterCem® also offsets the fly ash being landfilled or used as fill in reclamation programs. The ash and all its constituents are then ‘sealed’ inside the concrete made using InterCem®.

InterCem® provides resistance to sulfate attack comparable with HS cement and also provides resistance to Alkali Aggregate Reactivity (AAR). Standard applications are similar to GU; floors, building foundations, commercial concrete construction and soil stabilization.

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