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Lehigh Cement Plant In Glens Falls, New York, Hosts Assemblyman Matt Simpson

Glens Falls Plant tour

The Lehigh Cement plant in Glens Falls, New York, welcomed Assemblyman Matt Simpson (R-NY-Assembly District 114) on August 19 for a plant tour and a visit. Assemblyman Simpson spent some valuable time with Plant Manager Dave Dreyer to take in the longest continually operating gray cement plant in the US and learn more about the key role the plant plays in building the local, regional and national economy. 

Assemblyman Simpson later shared on Facebook, “It was a pleasure to visit Lehigh Northeast Cement Glens Falls Plant Manager David Dreyer on Thursday to learn more about the history of Lehigh Hanson, Inc. and the resources the local plant provides to our community and beyond.” 

Dreyer, along with support from the Lehigh Glens Falls team, hosted an informative and educational overview including company sustainability perspectives, key investment in the local community, the need for a long-term infrastructure investment and workforce development. 

“These types of visits are great because they give us a chance to share how critical our products are to supporting a growing and sustainable economy,” said David Perkins, Vice President of Government Affairs and Communications. “They also provide an opportunity to hear from those who represent us on areas where we can work together.”