A-1 Track and Field Mix

A-1 Track & Field Mix is a blend of clay-based soils and gritty sand. The color of the material can be a golden tan to a rich burgundy red depending on the blend. A-1 Track & Field Mix is a long-lasting, durable, natural surface that offers the qualities of a firm track, yet are made of natural materials, which provide runners with a reasonably soft surface. This property helps minimize injuries suffered from running on hard surfaces, such as concrete or asphalt.


A-1 Track and Field Mix Cutsheet



  • Running Tracks
  • Warning Tracks
  • Pathways


*Water is your best friend.* Optimal moisture ensures the best playing surfaces!

New Warning Track or Natural Running Track:

  • Excavate area to a depth of 4” to 6”. Grade area so water will drain properly off the future playing surface. Make sure subgrade is well compacted before installing A-1 Track & Field Mix.
  • Spread A-1 Track & Field Mix 4” to 6” in depth with equipment.
  • It is recommended a professional laser grader finishes the final surface to maintain the proper slope for drainage.
  • After installation, water thoroughly to settle material then compact with a heavy roller.


Sieve Analysis % Passing

  • #4 100
  • #8 (2.36 mm) 85-100
  • #16 (1.18mm) 70-80
  • #30 (600um) 60-70
  • #50 (300um) 40-50
  • #100 (150um) 20-30
  • #200 (75um) 10-20

Specification data subject to change. Additional data available upon request.
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