3/16" Scoria (Black)

3/16” Scoria (Black) is a volcanic rock that gets its appearance from the simultaneous rapid cooling and depressurization process after being ejected out of a volcano.  3/16” Scoria contains small vesicles, which is what causes it to be so light in weight.  These vesicles help to retain nutrients and moisture when used as a soil amendment.  3/16” Scoria will also help with drainage as it creates great pore space in soil.  It also does not attract fungi, nematodes, or insects.  3/16” Scoria has also been used for many years now as a decorative top layer for bonsai trees and for decorative purposes for landscaping.


3/16 inch Scoria Black Cutsheet


  • Soil Amendment
  • Component of container mixes and soil-less mixes
  • Bonsai Trees
  • Decorative Purposes for Landscaping


  • Amending soil, mix 10% of 3/16” Scoria with soil to start out with.  Percentages vary depending on the type of gardening project (plants, flowers, cactus, tree, etc.).
  • In soil-less potting mixes, some plants respond differently to the same ratio.  Try small trial batches to determine what mix is best for your plants.
  • For further 3/16” Scoria ratio information on gardening, call your local nursery for assistance.   


  • Composition Volcanic Siliceous Rock
  • Particle size <3/8”


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