ATP General Contractors

Hanson Aggregates Pacific

Hanson Aggregates Pacific Southwest LLC dba ATP General Engineer Contractors is a full-service grading and paving contractor providing Southern California’s construction industry with quality infrastructure solutions.  We specialize in different types of asphalt pavement services including supply, installation, emulsions, and recycle products. Our services include new construction, repairs, overlays and maintenance while utilizing the latest technologies to maximize the utilization of recycled products on all of our projects.

Quality, long lasting asphalt with ATP

ATP provides superior service through a well-trained and supported work force. We utilize the latest in clean-air equipment and material technology. Here are more reasons why you should do business with ATP:

We have a deep appreciation for the strong relationships that we’ve built with our clients. From small private businesses to large government entities, we have established strong industry ties and a reputation for success. We are selective in who we do business with as we value the importance of creating partnerships with companies of character and trust.

Extensive training provides our crews with the knowledge to perform work of the highest quality. In addition, we invest in innovative high tech equipment to produce the maximum level of workmanship.

ATP is invested in the paving business for the long haul. The principal owners of the company are young, vibrant and energetic and seek to bring the best service and product to the market for sustainable construction.

Pave it green

Partnering with ATP makes the asphalt paving process environmentally friendly as we utilize warm mix asphalt, California Air Resource Board compliant trucks and paving machinery.

ATP’s fleet is powered by clean burning Biodiesel fuel blend. Biodiesel fuel provides a significant reduction of the types of pollutants that contribute to smog and global warming. It is the only alternative fuel approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), has passed every Health-Effects Test of the Clean Air Act and meets the requirements of the California Air Resources Board (CARB).

ATP offers clients the most green pavement available in Warm Mix Asphalt and RAP Mixtures; however those that prefer a more traditional product, ATP also provides conventional Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA). Partnering with ATP makes the process of laying HMA more environmentally friendly as we utilize California Air Resource Board compliant trucks and paving machinery.  We have nearly a decade of experience paving it green with WMA and you can learn more about ATP by reading Where Quality, Emission Reduction & A Clean Environment Is The Main Concern.

ATP greenpaver Caterpillar

ATP Asphalt Pavers

ATP utilizes Caterpillar ACERT with EGR technology that provides plenty of power while minimizing particulate matter, NOX and Greenhouse Gases. Equipped with the latest technology diesel engines, the Caterpillar ACERT and EGR pavers are US EPA Tier 3 compliant.

ATP uses Caterpillar clean smokeless electric screeds that eliminate burner smoke, gets rid of the need for open flame diesel burners and has the ability to accurately control temperature. All ATP’s screeds have an eco-friendly wash-down system that utilizes organic based biodegradable solvents eliminating ground pollution.