Hanson Aggregates produces a wide array of HMA products to meet your needs. Our materials include rubberized and conventional asphalt. Specialty products include porous asphalt and RAP mixes. We are fully equipped to design mixes to suit your needs. 

Quality control is our top priority. We have a full QC staff and state-of-the-art laboratory testing equipment to ensure every load meets your exact specifications.

Click here to view our Safety Data Sheets (SDS), available in English, Spanish and French. 

CCA Warm Mix Asphalt


Hot Mix Asphalt is the core product of asphalt paving. As the name implies, it’s heated to between 300 and 350 degrees Fahrenheit, then mixed with aggregates to create a pliable mixture that can be placed and compacted.

It’s used for most applications, from full-depth roadways in new construction or reconstruction to overlays for surface repairs. Our hot mix asphalt designs can be optimized based on the use, environment, and specific needs of your project. This flexibility, combined with our continual innovation, provides value to our customers.

Hanson Aggregates can also incorporate a percentage of RAP (reclaimed asphalt pavement) in our products, above the 10 to 15 percent typically used in asphalt mixes. Utilizing a high percentage of RAP in our pavement is highly beneficial to our clients seeking green construction practices.