Hanson Aggregates provides ready mixed concrete for commercial, residential and public infrastructure projects throughout the greater San Diego area. Our modern plants use the latest technology along with advanced dispatching software and GPS fleet tracking to provide a superior customer experience. We also offer our customers the advantage of using mobile technology to manage concrete pours on the go. With our OnSite app, you can see the progress of your pour, track truck locations, review your orders and send in order requests. Hanson Aggregates San Diego's 200 dedicated employees are ready to help you with your concrete needs.​​​

Click here to view our Safety Data Sheets (SDS), available in English, Spanish and French. 

Hanson Colored Concrete


Hanson Aggregates offers home and business owners in the San Diego area a full array of concrete solutions, including beautiful colored concrete options. Our expert team has years of experience using the finest colored concrete to make renovations, construction and landscaping projects a breeze. We’re proud to use pigments, admixtures and fibers from Solomon Colors, Inc. to deliver stunning colored concrete. Take a look at the Solomon Brothers Color Chart to learn more. 

Image of Hanson San Diego Products Concrete


If you’re building a home in the San Diego area, contact Hanson Aggregates to learn more about our long-lasting concrete slab foundations. We know what it takes to deliver homeowners and construction contractors the sturdy foundations they depend on.

Hanson San Diego Pool


Add decorative concrete to your pool and patio and make a splash. Available in a wide array of colors and finishes, decorative concrete from Hanson Aggregates can help you add character and charm to your home’s pool.


Redo Your Driveway

Noticing cracks in your driveway? Ready to add extra curb appeal to your home? Contact Hanson Aggregates today to discuss how our range of ready mixed concrete blends can make your driveway more durable and more inviting.



At Hanson Aggregates, we’re proud of our reputation for dependable, affordable ready mixed concrete delivery in the San Diego area. With our extensive experience in delivering precise concrete mixtures to commercial and industrial construction sites throughout the area, we know the importance of prompt and professional service. We have years of experience providing ready mixed concrete for a range of applications. Our specially blended concrete has been used on roads and bridges, in schools, hospitals, water treatment plants and at a host of other commercial and industrial sites.