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EcoCem® PLC
Concrete Just Got Greener

EcoCem®PLC is a Portland Limestone Cement (Type GUL or Type IL) produced using ordinary portland clinker interground with limestone. Compared to CSA Type GU and ASTM Type I-II/AASHTO Type I portland cement, EcoCem®PLC contains as much as 10% more limestone using the same components and yields an equivalent performance to ordinary portland cement.

Using innovative technology to increase the amount of limestone and decrease the amount of clinker, Lehigh Cement has reduced the energy required to produce EcoCem®PLC as well as associated emissions, making EcoCem®PLC the responsible alternative with a smaller environmental footprint. Additionally, EcoCem®PLC can be used in concrete exposed to moderate sulfate conditions.

Portland Limestone Cement products have been well established in Europe for decades and Lehigh Hanson, together with their parent company Heidelberg Cement, is proud to lead the introduction of this sustainable product to North America. EcoCem®PLC is a product which can be substituted directly for normal Type GU or Type I-II portland cement in general use applications.


EcoCemPLC™ meets the following USA Standard Specifications:

  • ASTM C595 (also referenced in the ACI 318-19 Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete)
  • ASTM C1157
  • AASHTO M240

ASTM C595 TYPE IL (MS) limestone blended cement is equivalent to ASTM C150 Type I-II portland cement in concrete compressive, concrete flexural strength and concrete durability. It is allowed in sulfate exposure class S0 and S1 (ACI 318-19 Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete, Table, the same as ASTM C150 Type I-II cements. Click here to view our product data sheet. View our USA EcoCemPLC™ brochure

EcoCem®PLC meets the following Canadian Standard Specifications:

  • CSA A3000
  • CSA A23.1

View our Canadian EcoCem®PLC brochure