Over the past several years, industry and society have been rapidly moving away from paper-based transactions and manual processes in favor of automated technologies, mobile communications and internet-connected devices. In fact, the business and manufacturing world has already coined a term for this transformation: Industry 4.0.

Industry 4.0 refers to the combination of major digital technology innovations, including robotics and artificial intelligence, cloud computing and automated processes that use complex algorithms to make decisions. It also includes the use of Internet and wireless technologies to network, connect and support all of these things.

Lehigh Hanson has always held a position of industry innovator, and our use of digital technology to support business is not new. But in recent years, the company has made significant progress in leveraging technology to drive operational efficiencies, provide a competitive advantage and improve customer service.



Need real-time delivery information and in many cases the ability to place orders on the fly from your iOS- or Android-based mobile device. Get instant access to information about your order with Lehigh Hanson’s mobile apps. Check accuracy, see each truck’s status, request a new order or change an existing one. All without calling the dispatch office.


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Lehigh Hanson OnlinE

This portal offers valuable support to our customers. It provides easy access to information such as account balances, order history, statements, invoices, tickets, bills of lading, safety data sheets and mill certifications. Customers can also upload and search PDF documents. Access the portal at

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Labs and technical services

Backed by world class laboratories for construction materials procession and innovations from our parent company HeidlebergCement Group in Germany and Italy we have technical service offering and trained personal for optimizing all of our construction materials.

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Lehigh Hanson’s exclusive app, called i.Check, turns your smart phone into a technical resource, with hundreds of photos and troubleshooting tips at your fingertips. The photos illustrate common issues in concrete and masonry construction, complemented with a listing of potential causes and corrective actions

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